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AWE makes generous donation for CFR Equipment

An AWE donation to the South Central Ambulance Charity is providing specialist equipment to help Community First Responders with swift responses to medical callouts. A central part of the Charity’s work is the recruiting and training of local volunteers who assist with life threatening emergencies.

The AWE Charity Fund’s donation is supporting local Community First Responders (CFRs) who provide medical assistance by tending patients ahead of the ambulance arriving. The First Responders carry a range of kit and are trained to assist with medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests, breathing difficulties, strokes, seizures and falls.  

Along with new wipe-clean kit bags the donation is providing an emergency lifting cushion that’s specifically designed to assist a user safely back on to their feet, particularly after a fall. For the additional safety of patients, some slip-sheets are also being purchased.

AWE employee and CFR, Jess Keeble, requested the donation from AWE’s Charity Fund and says: “Volunteering as a CFR is a hugely rewarding experience and we help people from all walks of life, often when they are at their most vulnerable. This role provides you with invaluable skills that make a difference to others and can save lives. This new equipment will help us continue to offer essential care to members of the local community.”

Vanessa Casey, South Central Ambulance Charity CEO, said “We give a huge thank you to Jess and AWE for this generous donation. As volunteers in their communities CFRs provide a vital service and, wherever possible, they’ve continued to respond during the pandemic.”

“Medical equipment is expensive, so we’re often in situations where CFRs have to share kits. In the case of the lifting cushion being generously funded, elderly and vulnerable patients may be left lying on the floor for longer periods of time than is necessary, if this equipment is unavailable. This not only causes great distress but can lead to additional medical complications and transfer to hospital – often this can be avoided by a quick response and being safely lifted off the floor. So once again thank you so much for this life- changing donation.”