Buckinghamshire Freemasons donate 2 Life Saving Lucas 3 Machines

Buckinghamshire Freemasons donate 2 Life Saving Lucas 3 Machines

The story begins with Wally Locke who was a proud Buckinghamshire Freemason and a member of Vale Lodge in Aylesbury. When Wally passed away nearly 20 years ago, his widow, Phyliss Locke herself a generous and inspirational lady wanted to ensure that the incredible charitable efforts of her husband throughout his years as a Freemason would continue when she also passed on.

Therefore, Phyllis collaborated with a local Freemason and a member of Wally’s Lodge to set up “The Wally and Phyliss Locke Trust fund”. One of the trustees, Aylesbury based Freemason Graham Dearing, explained that this trust fund donates to local good causes every year, ensuring that their names continue to be associated with the fantastic charitable work of the Freemasons. 

This donation made to Stoke Manderville Ambulance Station last year was to allow the purchase of 2 Lucas 3 machines at a cost of £20,000 to assist Buckinghamshire based ambulance crews is one they would have both been delighted with.

Wally and Phyliss lived an ordinary life as ordinary people; they were not wealthy in terms of money, but in terms of heart, they were the wealthiest people in the world. It only goes to prove that Buckinghamshire Freemasons continue to be “Ordinary People doing extraordinary things.”

South Central Ambulance Charity continue to be extremely grateful for the support we receive from the Freemasons across the SCAS Area.