Mark Potts on his Thames path walk

"I am a very overweight, unfit 51 year old lazy person who thinks walking to the shop is a bit much but I have been in awe of our amazing NHS and all the frontline workers who are keeping us safe"

Mark Potts is an IT consultant in Berkshire who spends most of his time sat at a computer.  He recently applied to become a Community First Responder for SCAS and was due to join our recruitment day in April.  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic the recruitment day was sadly cancelled but Mark was not deterred.  Whilst he remains committed to becoming a CFR and supporting the NHS and his local community he has decided to take on another personal challenge to raise funds for the Charity.

Mark said that he was surprised to learn during his application process to be a CFR that there was no government funding for the CFR programme and that he was also shocked to learn that it cost around £2000 to cover the cost of training and equipping a new CFR.  He was also surprised to learn that South Central Ambulance Charity spends over £200,000 a year on the CFR programme, all of it raised through fundraising.

Mark decided the least he could do was to raise funds towards his own start as a CFR and to try and make a dent in the annual commitment.  With many traditional fundraising events cancelled Mark knew it wouldn't be easy to raise money in the current climate but he decided to challenge himself to walk the length of the Thames Path, a distance of 184 miles!  Of course due to current restrictions Mark will be walking the path virtually.

Mark has now hit day 21 with a lovely stroll along the river from Reading to Sonning and has now covered 81.15 miles of his total journey - very nearly at the halfway point.  Mark has now raised over £1800 of his £2000 target which is fantastic, thank you Mark.

You can donate to Mark's challenge by visiting

Keep going Mark - we are all 100% behind you on your challenge cheering you every step of the way!